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Thursday, 29 December 2011


I am having the worst Birthday ever!

Firstly i have the worst cold ever.

Secondly none of you guys seemed to have remembered it.

Thirdly i get waken up with a shock just to babysit.

Who can disagree with me. Oh and guess what its just 10:30 am!


Here is a list of thing i dearly miss:
~You guys
~My dad
~My old life
~My house (my bed)
~You guys
~My hotmail accout since it is blocked
~good cell phone reception
~road rules*
~Traffic lights
~Believe it or not i miss school.
~Certain people

and thats all that i can remember now folks!

*God the people here drive like maniacs. One man hit an old woman with his car a few days ago and all he said was, "You're still alive and you can still walk so get up" I swear that was soooo mean and the woman was just crying.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME! (see how sad i am :-( )
And please come on the blog often.Love You all

Jasmine freaking cute<3



princess amazayn

Having difficulties with pirate bay

please help:(

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

princess amazayn

serously found this photo on we heart it



to quick fire with PRINCESS AMAZAYN...

so its simple, answer the quick fire questions as a comment, and according to how you think another curry member would answer!

Quick fire questions set 4

(curry's name:______)

1. If they ever got a tattoo, what would it be of?
2.Cat or Dog?
3. One word that defines them?
4. Would they rather be: dumb and pretty or smart and ugly?
5. Their first 3 priorities in life?
6.Favourite Ice-cream flavour?
7. Something Iconic about them?

princess amazayn

Hey goyls....

Im just snacking on a bowl of moose and finishing off our wonderful currycrew folder.


but you guys will have to see it at school:(... OR the party, if we even get to planning it???

cant wait to show you guys!!!!!!!!

ok then i'll start on today's quick fire... brb:)

princess amazayn

Hey Guys...

Firstly, anonymous, dont worry about us. Its you im mostly concerned about!! Hows it going there? Hope your alright...


Secondly, YAYAY voldefluffy GO INDIA!!


Umm... you guys might know this dude on youtube. He has a channel called fouseytube or something. He's arab and he does like these eps on arab family and its HILARIOUS, you guys have to check it out. He made one aunnouncement video and in it he's like, hey zayn malik- vas happenin? Do you guys think becouse zayn malik's so popular now he might have some haters?.... Impossible?


Anyways.. right now i am making a 2012 folder for all of us... well im not sure if thats what we're gonna do with it but ill just continue making it.



Guys i am dying to know that you are all alright.

I nearly had a heart attack when i was told there was a hailstorm and minitornado in victoria.

How bad was the hail storm and mini tornado anyways????

please people answer me before i die of an anxiety attack!!!!

Monday, 26 December 2011


for pakistans
i thought u needed
to be part of the political status
and all

were going for the
match on thursday i think


remember my nails on the
first day of camp????
how it was like
half blue and red
im gonna do the same
but yellow white then green
i dont have orange
but ill put a blue dot in the middle

lucky us
we wernt in melbourne
we went to 12 apostles
the weather was like totally awesome

mr browns garage was a little flooded
and we had LOADS
of hail on our trampoline
we jumped
and the hail was
going up and down

we need to watch it all together
my fave don quote had to be

don ko pakarna mushkil hi nahe
mumkin hai

which means
its not hard to catch don....
its impossible


princess amazayn


time to go shopping!! YAY:)

I'm just on the couch watching the test cricket with dad and sis.

India or Australia????

AHHH..... well im aussie, not indian.... BUT IM A CURRY!!! so im going for india!!:)


Hail storm was pretty bad yesterday... guess it really was a snowy chrismas. We were at my cousins place and thats exactly were the hailstorm and mini tornado took place!


So as you guys may know, Pakistan needs (is actually desperate of) a new president. So yesterday we watched the election live from our computer. It started at 9 and ended at 3 am. Imran Khan is the guy that EVERYONE is going to vote for! Yes he was a cricket player before but i guess anything is possible. GO IMRAN KHAN.. i dont know why the other dudes are even planning on running against him. They've got NOO chance! not unless they bomb something:P


are u guys alright????
the hail storm was VERY bad
at my place

Sunday, 25 December 2011

BigTime Schmidtster

hey, what do you guys think of Kendall, James Bond style????


BigTime Schmidtster

hey guys!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
and yes, i am not christian but that doesnt mean that i do not respect other religions, because i do......

and to make this day awesome, i am listening to Big Time Rush's Christmas songs from their EP: Holiday Bundle!!!!!!!
which is obviously expected from me!!!!!

and look at the list of things that Snoop Dogg gave BTR on the 12 days of christmas, below:
1 song for the Christmas EP
2 fractured femurs (for Gustavo)
3 canned hams (for.... Bitters?)
4 comfy PJs (for the 'dogs')
5 municipal bonds (for Snoop!)???
6 hockey helmets (for carlos!)
7 sweater vests (for Logan!!)
8 woolly beanies (for KENDALL!!!!!)
9 lucky combs (for James!!)
10 juicy corndogs (for Carlos!! again...)
11 books of physics (for Logan!! again...)
12 ...(??) tickets!! (for whom, i dont know....)

 ****anyone remember this song????****


Guys i just wanted to say that thing are getting better here and i absolutely adore the fact that you all remembered me. Love you all.

Oh and that whatever happens i shall return, with or without my family.
and w ill put up a video on our YouTube channel now or tomorrow.

Merry Christmas.
Anonymous sighning off.