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Thursday, 12 January 2012

BigTime Schmidtster

hey, Anonymous, there's this one thing thats been bugging me for some time now....

how is it that you came over to my house for our ICT project, but we never got to spy on my neighbour who used to 'spy' on ME????? nor did you ask me anyhing about this issue, like "where is his house"???

how did that not happen??

BigTime Schmidtster

YAY!!! i brought back the famous dinosaur chicken scene!!!!!

teehee!!! the legendary battle between the pieces of dinosaur-shaped chickens of Carlos and James... its soooooooooooooo cute i swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  it never gets old....!!

Jasmine-Illuminati the Takeover!

‎"I.V.Y. = Illuminati's Very Youngest 
B.L.U.E. = Born Living Under Evil. 
Blue Ivy spelt backwords (Eulb Yvi) = Latin for 'Lucifers Daughter,'"

1 day old and already causing trouble

I got this from FB from a friend of mine he put this as his status i have just realized the Beyonce And Jay-Z are both Freemason so it would be obvious their daughter would be named something evil...ITS JUST SOOOO SAD :'( 


and ummm Anonymous imma kill you..YOUR NOT COMING BACK? whaaaaaaaaatttttt???
i hate YOU!

Jasmine Signing Off :))

BigTime Schmidtster - Big Time Rush - Big Time Movie! First Look!

hey guys!! look!!! its the promo (a.k.a. first look) of Big Time Movie!!!!
TEEHEE!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! and notice the hot car with the hot driver inside it at the end of the video where a car chase happens!!!!!!
alright, toodles!!!!
i feel really happy today, did anyone realise???????

princess amazayn

sorry guys, i havnt been on lately coz lion got a virus and im very sad.

so i wont be able to talk much coz im on someone elses computer'

but i just wanna say, i have an obsession with paradise- coldplay


I SAW HUNGER GAMES. the book was in my hands in big w but it was the second one!! :(

guys.. i have a confession to make

im a bookworm

BigTime Schmidtster - Big Time Rush Airheads Commercial

its a commercial with Big Time Rush!! check it out if you have nothing to do (but still, do it anyway!!!!)
and Kendall wears a fedora!!! teehee!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

BigTime Schmidtster

oh, BTW, BTD please check out your older posts for my new comment for your comments... i know thats a bit confusing but hopefully you get it and just check the comments of your older post!!!

do it!!!! i command you! Lord Voldemort commands you!!!!

or else...



BigTime Schmidtster

my dear BTD, is this wat you have fallen for???? really????

This is Avan Jogia peoples!!!

in my opinion, i think he is, well....
i dont think i have the heart to say it in this post.... cuz its really hurtfull towards BTD...