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Friday, 27 January 2012

BigTime Schmidtster

Big Time Movie coming out on the 10th of march!!!! eeeeeppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!!!!!

BigTime Schmidtster

when i realised that school was in two more days, i screamed one huge word at the top of my lungs! the word started with A and ended with lots and lots and lots of Hs...
 later, i posted that word in Twitter...

BigTime Schmidtster

hey guys...

i was just thinking... we should all meet up somewhere at school on monday so that we could all go to our lockers and whatever together and all (i was thinking canteen?)...
i got the letter and we have to have combinaion locks, which kinda sucks in a way....

anyway, the last part of the letter, about that DEAR programme, i think they should allow us to read school texts and class textbooks cuz without them, i honestly aint gonna like those 15 minutes of reading (and i'm not saying i dont like reading novels and non-fiction books cuz i do.... [alot])
we have to do something about it...

and i've got a family friend of mine coming to year seven this year at our school so dont mind me bringing her along... if you do, please tell...

and news from twitter: Matt Walker (a good friend of Gustavo) who is a stand-up comedian and the C.C.O (Chief Common-sense Officer) of Giant Creature Inc. (owned by Gustavo) is FOLLOWING ME on twitter!!! hehe, i know what your thinking, but he's friends with the guys!!!! thats awesome ok??? i just wish Kendall could follow me too....!

any way, the new mobile phone rule is AWESOME!! we get to keep our phones with us in our lockers!!!! that IS wat the letter says... right?

and i'm kinda nervous about first day... i dont know why, i always get nervous (ALWAYS)...
haha, that last bit reminded me of Snape...                 ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 so someone better be there at school when i get there!!! i need my Curry Buddies!!!

and one more thing: i got a full scholorship!! woohoo!!!!!!!! i'm doing the Kendall Happy Dance !!!
any one of YOU guys who got one too? let me know!!

and peoples call me!! i need to talk to you guys before going to school!! I BEG YOU!!!

Thursday, 26 January 2012




I am soo sorry i didnt come on lately. and i noe im a horrible friend, but its just that being 9 hours behind is sorta becoming a big issue, oh and not to mention the phone bill we get for just calling my dad.

I was lying awake in bed last night reliving my last day at school with you guys, then i remembered one specific promise i made to all of you, to put up a post every day.

I am soo sorry i didnt keep that promise. I havent put up a post in 2 weeks.

aniways i am crying now, but i dont have time to write much, but here are a few thingsi just wanna say:
~what happened to amayzayn that put her in hospital?
~how are you all.
~sadly i didnt get a copy of the book list yet so please someone send it tomy school mail
~What is CSS
~i am angry at you all for only finding out about AVAN JOGIA now.
~It would be a dream come true for BTS to drag me back to Australia.
~When i said i wanted to change my name on my last post, i meant my blog name.

Love you all,

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BigTime Schmidtster


I am getting so frustrated right now, and the source is devil sibling!!!!

BigTime Schmidtster

heys guys....

got some news...

 you ready for it??? although some of you guys are not gonna find it that big but still....

Carlos Pena (our beloved Carlitos) is NO LONGER SINGLE!!!
the girl who won his heart is Samantha Droke.. you may know her from Poor Paul (Kevin Schmidt acts in it..)

yeah, shocking, right?? ...maybe not....

so yeah, Carlos is now dating someone and Kendall got a new haircut and a dog (she's cute)... and because of this (carlos dating and kendall's new hairdo) some 'so-called' rushers are having a big time fandom... hope it doesnt happen with you guys....

and carlos also tweeted about it, that he is sad how everyone is responding with his happy news... i'm sad too to see all this hate... they should all be happy to know that our carlitos is happy... RIGHT???

tell me wat you guys think about it...