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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

BigTime Schmidtster

ok, so let me get this straight... Anonymous, you think we have ABANDONED YOU?! how could you ever think we would do such a thing let alone ME!!! i would never forget or abandon you or anything!! your last posts made me cry... seriously, i havent been on the blog because of stupid school and stupid advanced year 9! please try to understand darling... YOU CAN NEVER BE REPLACED! and i might not have such a beautiful letter like Jasmine's last post but really, one post wont be big enough to write (or type more like) everything that is going on in my mind and exactly how much BTD and Voldefluffy and Princess Amazayn and ME, miss you... i still remember the times we would say the bloody same thing at the same time cause we had FREAKISHLY CONNECTED MINDS, and how we said "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" at the same precise time one English class.... and the time when we said Ms Akon and Ms Aircon to ms Aykan.. and theres SO MUCH MORE!!! please dont leave like this cause we aint gonna leave YOU that easy!! LOVE YOU TO BITS BUDDY!! and dont forget that the position of my fellow Dynamic Duo Buddy still lies and goes to YOU!! please come back quickly so i dont have to face 1D over 1D from the rest of the Curries.. your the one who can leave me alone with 1D stuff!! and i'm seriously missing the BTR song singing wif you! i only do it with BTD, and it still doesnt feel the same cause we ALL used to do it TOGETHER!! please come back buddy! i really dont know wat else to write and i'm also crying bad... so i'll go now (HOMEWORK!! AAAAHHHH!!)

ooh, and one more thing, i'm adding you to skype so you betta accept!! or else.... ;)

bye Buddy! miss ya HEAPS!! dont think i dont, cause i DO!!! BYE FOR NOW BUT OT FOREVER! :')

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